Some amazing folks know how to make music! I'm not one of them, but it's amazing. Thank you all!

Submissions can be sent to

By Alfonzos...
- "Truth Hurts" proto version
- "Truth Hurts" revision 1
- "Truth Hurts" revision 2
- "Truth Hurts" final version

By DoubleGJ...
- Inhuman version 1

By Kamen...
- Theme of the Jester X
- Kyo's Theme

By Kilo...
- Complications Hit the Fan (Limited Mix)

By Moekii...
- Grey's Theme Remix
- The Inhuman Theme
- Inhuman Theme Revamp
- Theme Revamp Remake :O
- Inhuman N
- Greyscape
- Neo-Theme

By Rainbow Cemetery...
- Theme of the Shadows

By Slick...
- Grey's Theme
- Solla's Theme
- Suega's Theme

By Tekra...
- Inhumain (drums)
- Whatever Happens
- No Heaven For Pagans
- Say Goodbye
- Detour In My Life

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