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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
08/26/2014 08:39 PM
hoo boye
Inhuman update!
and no surprise, inks are up on patreon

hey, did i mention that if you hit the like button on patreon it helps the comic out? and it's free!

okay, i dont really have a lot of time to talk. it's sweltering up here cause SUDDENLY, SUMMER SHOWED UP. but i want to thank raile, chaz, rabid and haxar for lending me their characters to fill the crowds on this page. y'all are splendid.

this last week went by pretty rough, and i wound up pretty seriously depressed for a chunk of it. i'm doing better now, but still kind of woogy on-and-off. and i'm also still extremely busy, even though the month is almost over, and that business shows no signs of abaiting.


alf and my anniversary is tomorrow, but i'm really not sure what we'll do for it since it's the middle of the week befroe major bills are due in. probably sit at home & be tired and sore from work :x like last year. we're so terribly romantic.

enjoy the page, droogs!

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