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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
07/28/2015 08:12 PM
rip Red Savage
Inhuman update
(with inks and edits for patreon)

i'm afraid i don't have good news today. as some readers already know, over the weekend i lost a friend and fan of the comic - red savage. red and her friend milo were both hit and killed when they pulled over to change a flat tire. it was extremely sudden, and everyone is still reeling.

i can't fully do justice to how wonderful red was as a person. she was an exceptional writer and could really paint you pictures with the words she chose in her work. she was loving and kind and generous to a fault. the entire reason milo was with her was because she was helping him to leave an abusive family behind. that was just the kind of person red was. she would laugh and curse and make lewd jokes and everyone would laugh with her. she had so many friends, even people i didn't know were her friends until it was too late. red always considered the needs and feelings of others first. she was just...a truly good person. i never got a chance to meet her in person, and i'm going to regret that until the end of my days.

so i'm going to just share an excerpt from one of red's profiles with you now.

I've been through a lot. I've seen a lot. I've fucked up a lot. But I'm gonna keep trying and stick around because things really ain't all that bad, yanno? They really ain't. And maybe that's me trying to convince myself, but I think it's pretty damn true.

I love you and you're somebody's special, I promise. <3

if you'd like to honor red's memory, please consider making a donation to the Transgender Foundation of America.

if you knew red personally, her family has asked for help in requesting the DA charge the driver who killed her with involuntary manslaughter. you can contact me privately for the details such as the driver's name and who to email.

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