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Other Comics I Did
12 Hours | Static | My Dear Brother | Memories
Nan ka Aru | Rain Witch (co-writer)

Comics I Enjoy

Sorta Sci-Fi Comics
Intergalactic Truckstop (completed)
Monster Pulse
Nimona (completed)
Carnivore Planet
Crossed Wires
A Ghost Story (MA)
White Noise (by madsniper)
Awful Hospital
The Red Thread of Fate

Fantasy Comics
Judecca (completed)
De Stress(hiatus) (MA)
White Noise (by phooka)
DHS Comix

Other Good Comics
Night Physics (MA) (hiatus)
Achewood (MA) (hiatus)
Clementine Comix (MA) (hiatus)
Drop-Out (MA) (completed)

Other Neat Stuff
Rainbow Cemetery - used electronics & bits of code
Contact Caffeine - Caffeinated soap
Sabrous - fantasy MU*
Beyond - queer fantasy & scifi comic anthology
Gender Terror - queer horror writing, art & comics
Cotton Trumpets - "kill all brains" merch
Rhetoric Coffee - coffee subscription

Podcasts I Like
Magnus Archives (body horror, short fiction, quasi-serial)
Death, Dying & Other Things (general horror, short fiction)
Levar Burton Reads (short fiction)
Knifepoint Horror (general horror, short fiction)
Wolf 359 (serial scifi)
Wrong Station (short fiction, horror)
Limetown (serial, fiction, complete)
Lore (weird history)
My Favorite Murder (true crime, comedy)

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Fan works are (c) their respective authors, creators and artists.