About Rogers

Race Name: Roger (Rogers being the plural)
Homeworld Name: Rojeria
Religions: Rulerism, folk
Main Cities: Dacha, Simu
Dominant Species: Rogers

Rogers are pure mammals, giving birth to live young and having hair on their bodies. They have two sexes, male and female, and are generally near in height to an adult Human. Their colouration is almost always brown, with very few rare exceptions. They walk upright on large double-bent hind legs, balanced by a thick tail. Like most species in the galaxy, Rogers are tridactyl on their hands. Their feet, however, have two large toes. Rogers have long muzzles and elongated upright ears. A mane of course hair runs from the top of the head to the tip of the tail along the spine on both males and females.

Exceptionally homogenious, most Rogers look identical to one another. While they themselves are capable of telling one another apart with ease, it is difficult for an outsider to tell one Roger from another. Due to the deep-voiced nature of their language, Rojish, even vocal differences in the sexes are difficult to tell. However, males have one external feature that the females lack, and this is a residual dew-claw on the interior of their feet. Otherwise, even during mating season or fertility, the males and females look externally identical. Rogerian genetalia are internal, exposing only during intercourse.

Roger courting is fairly similar to Human courtship, with one exception- Rogers mate for life, with no way out of this arrangement, and so the choice of finding a mate and courting them is taken with extreme caution and consideration. The actual act of sex between two Rogers is similar to that of canines. The male mounts the female, at which time the male sex organs are exposed. During intercourse, the two are 'tied' together. After sex, the males typically leave for a short period of time while the female is left to clean herself and rest.

Rogers give birth to young after about 13 months of pregnancy, and typically only one infant is born at a time. The young Rogers are already furred, but do not begin to walk on their own until aproximately 1 year of age and do not speak until about 2. Prior to walking, they rather hop about double-bent with their hands to the ground, a bit like a grazing kangaroo. The distinction should be made, however, that Rogers ordinarily do not jump or hop and are not marsupials. The resemblence ends in infancy. Because of the amazing similarity from Roger to Roger, there are very rarely disputes about the parentage of offspring. However, cheating does happen, especially in modern times.

A very solitary race, Rogers accepted Rulerism on the condition that they be left alone with it and not asked to leave their homeworld or partake in any multi-species organizations. The church of the Ruler complied to these wishes and left the Rogers to worship and live in relative solitude. Rogers tend to be quite xenophobic, and although they do have spaceports and do trade with outsiders they can not seem to shake their tendency to treat aliens as interlopers. At best, a Roger is prone to staring at other aliens. At worst, they may treat them somewhat like an escaped zoo animal. Needless to say, cross-species relationships with Rogers are extremely rare and usually frowned upon as sexually deviant in Roger society. Rogers very, very rarely leave their homeworld and those who do are usually the 'odd ducks' of society. Once a Roger leaves Rojeria, they are unwelcome to return, instantly becoming an alien to their own species. Not many Rogers wish to risk this alienation and so only those who truly do not care for the Rogerian way of life make their way offworld.

Having lived primarily without influence of other races, it is worth noting that Rogers urbanized their world entirely on their own. Cities, technology, architecture and the general fabric of society itself are a pure Rogerian creation on their world, unlike other races like the Hekshanians who take a great deal of their culture from offworld.

Because of their physical build, one thing Rogers never invented was the chair. Rogerian resting positions are more close to a stool than a true chair, where the Roger will lean their chest against the surface and relax that way. They find front-bent legs very peculiar and tend to be somewhat disgusted with species who posess them. The double-jointed legs of Rogers, while ill suited to jumping, are excellent for running and sprinting. Having evolved on the planes, Rogers still take pride in this fact and frequently hold footraces or marathons as their traditional form of competition.

One peculiarity which makes the Rogers stand out above other races is the fact that they do not posess individual or family names. No Roger would think to call another by a name, nor do they fully understand the concept of calling others by names. In a place where a title is needed at all, the Rogers follow suit with the Myches in that they substitute a job title. For example, Captain or Patron. While this does not bother Rogers at all, it does make communication with individuals rather difficult. Most of the time, offworlders tend to simply call individual Rogers "Roger." Chances of there being more than one Roger offworld in any given place at any given time is fairly rare anyway.

Since the few Rogers who leave their homeworld may be quite eccentric, however, they may take names for themselves. In drastic cases, Rogers have resorted to dyeing their fur to set themselves apart from their forgotten kinsmen.

Primarily herbivores, Rogers generally must take dietary suppliments once they leave their homeworld and its traditional diet. They are especially fond of shoots and other greenery, though not so interested in roots or other tubers. Already naturally of a light and sinewy build, it is very easy for Rogers to both starve to death offworld or fall prey to diseases like obesity for the sudden change in diet. All in all, a Roger leaving home does not undertake the choice lightly.

For reasons that remain mysterious, Rogers suffered one of the Rulerist massacres. The attack came as a complete shock, as the Rogers themselves are and were quiet members of the Rulerist church with little interest in what went on in the rest of the galaxy. They tended to show little interest in arming themselves and had no objections to the church itself. Yet in the winter, several Rulerist troop transports landed and began to put the city of Dacha under military control. Because of their secretive and xenophobic nature, the Rogers did not think to send any other species information on what was happening and so little is known about the actual events leading up to the massacre. All that is known is that eventually a major scale conflict escelated in Dacha which reduced large portions of the city to rubble and left a major portion of its population dead.

Despite this, Rulerism remained the major religion of Rogers. It did, however, fuel the fire of xenophobia and racism to the point where Rogers will now frequently attack Humans or other major Rulerist races such as Andoians or Rakwulvs on sight. Races baring similarities to these -such as Morbacks, Draco-eyians or halfbloods- are given the same treatment. Once again, this is the philosophy which applies to Rogers on Rojeria. Those offworld may have extremely different views on Rulerism and other races.

Despite the similar appearance, Rogers take great offense to the suggestion that they are genetically related to the Gekin -"Amphibious space kangaroos"- and staunchly refuse to even communicate with the race. Genetically, however, the two species are similar and in all likelyhood the nomadic Gekin should call the Rogers a sibling race.


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