About Rogers

Race Name: Roger, Rogers
Homeworld Name: Rojeria
Religions: Rulerism
Main Cities: Dacha, Simu

Biology & Diet
Rogers are mammalian aliens of roughly humanoid height...if one does not count the long, thin, tufted ears. The natural fur colouration of Rogers is brown, with almost no markings. The predominant eye color of Rogers is black. They walk upright on two large digitrade legs, balanced with a thick tail. The hand of a Roger has two fingers, and an opposable thumb. A mane of tough, wirey hair runs down the spinal column.

Rogers were originally distance runners on the flat planes of Rojeria and their tough two-toed feet adapted for this. Rogers rarely hop or jump, except at a very young age. Their muzzles are long and thin, housing a dental structure of an omnivore with a prediliction toward grinding plant matter. Rogers must gather nutrition from numerous indigenous sources on Roger in order to remain healthy - but the modern Roger living on Rojeria prefers a balanced nutrient stick which resembles an ugly sausage and is produced on-planet.

Rogers must take dietary suppliments if they leave their homeworld. Already naturally of a light and sinewy build, it is very easy for Rogers suffer ill health with a sudden change in diet. Due to Rogers' dislike for trading with other peoples, supplimenting off-world diets are difficult and potentially expensive.

Sexual Dimorphism & Reproduction
Their culture being dominated by themes of conformity, it is not surprising there is little in the way of sexual dimorphism between Rogers. Those capable of birthing young typically have a raised bone ridge on their sternum, and those who can not typically develop a dew claw on the inner ankle.

Roger courting is fairly similar to Human courtship, with one exception- Rogers mate for life, with no way out of this arrangement, and so the choice of finding a mate and courting them is taken with extreme caution and consideration.

It is difficult to learn about Roger mating, because it implies differences exist between Rogers and it is therefore shameful and taboo to discuss. However, xenobiologists have concluded it appears to be like that of Earth mammals - and is especially similar to canines. It takes approximately 13 months for a Roger kit to be born.

Infant Rogers are already furred, but do not begin to walk on their own until aproximately 1 year of age and do not speak until about 2. Kits are raised with the expectation that they mimic adults as soon as possible, and so spend 8 hours most days in communal learning facilities.

Language & Culture
Rojish, the language of Rogers, is a deep-voiced monotone which carries far over flat land. There is little in the way of descriptive vocabulary, as Rogers find it abhorrant to highlight differences aloud. There are few words for emotion, few words for color and few colloquialisms.

It is obvious to all observers that Rogers are obsessed with conformity, unity and total death of the individual as a concept. Even individuality of names is offensive - all Rogers refer to themselves as Roger. This need for conformity is believed to be tied to their ancestors' roots as herd dwellers who kept to the wide planes of Rojeria for safety. Abnormalities on the horizon could mean danger, and the more unique the individual, the more likely they are to be singled out. This need for conformity has spun out of control in modern Rojerian society, producing a dystopian landscape of uniform cities and totalitarian control.

Those who do not conform are shunned and often leave the homeworld. Rojerian emmigrants can break drastically from their cultural norms and so no assumptions should be made about Rogers encountered offworld. It is, however, common for emmigrated Rogers to dye or bleach their fur as an expression of individuality. They also will most often adopt a new name. Once a Roger leaves Rojeria, they are unwelcome to return, becoming an alien to their own species. Not many Rogers wish to risk this alienation or face the difficulties of alien survival and so leaving Rojeria is not a choice undertaken lightly.

Because of their physical build, one thing Rogers never invented was the chair. Rogers get more use of furniture like barstools than true chairs. When given the option, Rogers will lean their torsos against a surface for support when at rest.

Rogers take great pride in their running speed, and often form recreational groups devoted solely to track and field sports. The group will do its best to seem indistinct from every other group formed for this same past time, but it is obvious (though rude to point out) that some Rogers are faster than others and some capable of greater feats of stamina. This, among other things, suggests that the uniformity is affected and by no means a natural state for life on Rojeria. Nature, it would seem, prefers variety.

Due to numerous factors, population of Rojeria is in steep decline. Epidemics are common, and birth rate is low. In spite of this, Rogers living on Rojeria refuse to change their ways. It is estimated that in only two generations' time, the population of Rogers living off world will outnumber those living on the home planet.

Religion & Rulerism
The earliest documented religions on Rojeria have been retroactively edited to contain references to The Ruler, so it is difficult to piece together their religious history prior to its arrival on the planet. It is known, based on verbage of surviving ancient texts, that Rogers have always been monothiestic in their beliefs. There is one god, and one path, and those who deviate from it are destined for sorrow. There were several different splinter factions of these beliefs, though religious history is very clear that competing religious ideologies have always been falsehoods and were rightiously stamped out in the name of the true god.

It is no surprise that early Rojerian religous history, though heavily edited, is a history of bloody crusades. To erradicate competitiors for the coveted slot of the only god drove war on Rojeria for hundreds of years before a prevailing incarnation emerged about two hundred Earth years ago. The Rogers followed this version of their religion, largely as a culture, until their acceptance of Rulerism.

Rogers were aware of extraterrestrial beings prior to their interaction with Rulerism, but they were not sociable. Rulerist missionaries, seeking to meet more of the Ruler's creations, proceeded to land on Rojeria in spite of no acknowledgement or assistance from Rojerian space command. It was only on the ground, when a Rojerian strike force could move in and begin the cover-up, that the first envoy of Rulerism realized they were perhaps tasked with a greater challenge than first anticipated.

The second landing upon Rojeria by Rulerists brought with it both missionaries and an armed "peacekeeping" escort consisting of largely Morbacks and Humans. Accompanied by Rakwulf and Andoian diplomats, the Rulerists managed to encourage Rojerian officials to sit down and hear them out. The actual transcripts of the talks were sealed, but much has been speculated. What is known is that in the end, Rogers agreed to accepting Rulerism as their primary religion without much additional bloodshed or resistance. Some alien business ties were formed, and it became much easier for a Roger who did not fit in to Rojerian society to leave the homeworld.

Rogers' version of Rulerism is one of mass uniformity and conservatism. By metrics of any culture with differences left to target, it would be considered religious extremism. To Rogers on Rojeria, it is simply the way of life. While not overtly murderous, they do not welcome other aliens, even those from worlds who have also accepted Rulerism.

Rojeria's city of Dacha was the setting of one of the infamous Rulerist "massacres." There was little coverage of the event by Roger media, and still less reached the ears of offworlders, but it is known that the killings took place in a Rulerist-owned science facility located in the city center. Who the perpetrators were, who the victims were and what motivations may have been behind it are unknown factors except to the Rojerian authorities and the Rulerist church. The laboratory has since been shuttered.

Technology & Alien Cultures
Rogers are a technologically advanced species, having independantly urbanized their cities and developed space transportation as well as mapping and learning to edit their own genome. Understanding their genetic structure allowed Rogers a further tool with which to pursue their goal of conformity and uniformity, and a mandated program of eugenics screening and fetal editing was introduced to Rojerian society. This program is maintained by the governments of Rojeria and research into new techniques of genetic editing are a large part of the Rojerian planetary budget.

The Rogers' lack of contact with alien cultures was a matter of choice. Satellite technology had recieved incoming transmissions and outgoing incidental static from inhabited planets not far from Rojeria, and were understood to be of intelligent origin. Rather than responding or making the information widely known, it was suppressed and the Rogers lived on in willful ignorance.

First contact obviously went poorly. Able to spot the cities from their own satellite spacecraft, all attempts to directly communicate with Rogerian authorities or individuals were ignored. There followed an attempted landing, and it was only a Roger desperate to leave their homeworld that prevented the attempt ending in casuality. The next official attempt was that of the Rulerists, some years later, in which both sides emerged bloodied.

With the presence of Rulerism, Rogers were forced to become (begrudgingly) tolerant of other species on their world. It is thought perhaps they view the arrangement with the church as mutually beneficial in some way, as the "xenos" are willing to remove troublemakers from Rojerian society and relocate them. A small contingent of Rulerist aliens ocassionally tour Rojerian Rulerist facilities to be certain that nothing untoward is happening within. It takes a strong constitution or a large ego to withstand the emotional abuse Rogers are known for putting visitors through, even on their best behavior. This job of inspection is hardly a coveted position.

Rogers tend to resent Andoians, seeing them as the interlopers who first caused them their problems with aliens and forced upon them the changes their society has subsequently seen. Equally resented are Humans (as many humans take it upon themselves to join the facility touring corps) and most especially resented are the Gekin.

When asked directly about Gekins, Rogers from Rojeria behave as they often do when faced with something which challenges their world view. They act as if nothing has been said at all. However, if one dares to compare a Roger in appearance to the Gekin, they become quite animated and will aggressively deny the accusation. Gekin are a small group of peoples who were enslaved by Roger high society, but only for a period of 15. It is difficult to tell when or how the Gekin came in contact with the Rogers, as Rojerian history certainly makes no attempt to mention something as -different- as the amphibious bipeds, and the Gekin themselves keep no records. At the end of the 15 year period, Gekin were suddenly no longer in vogue with the upper class of Rogers, and so began to leave Rojeria to enter galactic society at large. Rogers have denied any relation to Gekin ever since.

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