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the cat has fallen. the situation is at a loss.
07/22/2016 04:18 PM
inhuman updated!
(and patreon patrons got inks!)

hey all! happy friday, yeah?

i've been having a blast with pokemon go still. almost got my nidoking! i joined the gym on my street and we've held it pretty consistantly, except for *one* night when red took it over. the gyms in the north of town (where i can't walk to them) are hotly contested though! but i been walkin a lot, hatchin & catchin. and as a bonus, i've met a TON of dogs in the neighborhood and got to pet them. i love me some doggis!

it has been aggravating my bad shoulder a lot, but y'know what? worth it. i've walked about four miles every day, and i've been sleeping really well (with a lot fewer nightmares). i've also run into a lot of neighborhood trainers of all ages. i can't imagine how exciting it must be to live in the city playing this though :>c

oh yeah, side note! there's a sale going on in the tshirt shop where *everything* is on sale for 14$ right now. so check it out, yeah?

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